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Monthly Archives: April 2009

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The Southland Piping and Drumming Development Trust has confirmed it has appointed Alasdair Mackenzie from Scotland as their Principal Pipe Tutor. In a statement released...

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The Annual Claidhmor and Targe competition, held at the Celtic Inn in Palmerston North, will be held on the 23rd of May.

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PBNews is pleased to announce it will be updating and providing results from all the major Highland Games around New Zealand. Prompted by members...

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The 2010 Comunn na Piobaireachd (NZ) tune list was released this morning by Greg Wilson, Secretary of the organisation, showing the current trend of...

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Ian Lyons (Australia) won the coveted Comunn Na Piobaireachd (NZ) Gold Medal at a hot and sunny Hastings Highland Games today. In a field...

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Wellington Red Hackle and Scots College emerged as the winners at the Wellington Centre Contest held on the weekend. Manawatu were unopposed in grade...