Hawke takes A Grade; Eade Gold Medal; McKenzie the Premier MMSSRR

Jamie Hawke won most points in Open/A Grade at the Queens Birthday Competitions, held in Dunedin on the weekend. Jamie won the 6/8 march and the Strathspey and Reel. Davey Welsh won the Qualifying MSR, and Alasdair McKenzie took the Premier MMSSRR. Brendon Eade won the gold medal piobaireachd. In the B Grade, Simon McLean took the most points trophy in a large field. Results below.

Premier MMSSRR

1st Alasdair McKenzie

2nd Jamie Hawke

3rd Liam Kernaghan


Qualifier MSR

1st Davey Welsh

2nd Callum Gilchrist

3rd Tom Glover

4th Bradley Knight

A Grade Gold Medal Piobaireachd

1st Brendon Eade

2nd Davey Welsh

3rd Jamie Hawke


A Grade 2/4 Marches

1st Liam Kernaghan

2nd Alasdair McKenzie

3rd Marion Horsburgh

4th Jamie Hawke


A Grade Strathspey & Reel

1st Jamie Hawke

2nd Liam Kernaghan

3rd Brendon Eade

4th Alasdair McKenzie


A Grade 6/8 March

1st Jamie Hawke

2nd Alasdair McKenzie

3rd William Rowe

4th Liam Kernaghan


A Grade Hornpipe & Jig

1st Alasdair McKenzie

2nd Jamie Hawke

3rd Liam Kernaghan

4th Simon McLean


Under 21 Piobaireachd

1st William Rowe

2nd Donella May

3rd Reuben McDonell


Under 21 Hornpipe & Jig

1st Bradley Knight

2nd Piers Dover

3rd William Rowe